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People also instantly recognize the car by the name 'Reva'. No one uses 'e2o'. Reva is a good brand, i wonder why Mahindra went for a different name. My 'fuel' expenses is coming upto Rs 500 payday loans no credit check month and i use the car for more than 1000 km a month. The is easily saving me Rs 5000 every month as compared to using a Petrol car.

You do the math and then realize that in a year, this car will give you Rs 60,000 just on fuel savings. Also, i did not factor the maintenance an average ICE based car will pay day loans go through. So if people are worried that they are spending Rs 6. This is because the extra amount of Rs 1 Lakh they pay over a petrol car will be recouped pretty soon.

After a crazy day's work, you get inside the e2o and start driving. You shut the windows and don't turn on the AC for a while. The silence is so soothing. The car makes payday loans no credit check noise and vibrations and the outside noise is cut off. Its like you are cocooned in your own world. Honestly, the silence is therapeutic. The idea of not going to a petrol bunk is very convenient. I don't have to stand in lines in a petrol bunk.

I just plug it in after work and i just charge it twice a week. I also program it to start charging only after 12 am midnight. That's when the ambient temperature is cool and the grid too has excess power too. Use my iPhone, program the schedule and it charges at 12 midnight till around 4 am, when plugged in. The most hilarious question asked by a stranger - Bhaisab. Ismein CNG kit laga sakta hai kya.

I spent Rs 355 to ferry myself all month in the comfort of a car and covered 700 km. The main update was made to the software, which detects the temperature and if the is less than 7-8 degrees, the controller is told to warm the battery pack. Most batteries don't work well below 10 degrees and sometimes the temperature at night and early mornings in Pune go well below 7 degrees. This is a problem in Delhi and other cities as well.

So this is an important update to protect the battery pack. Under the hood - The Intelligent Energy Management System, The charge controller shown here Software update being pushed Hardware checks performed I really like the way Mahindra REVA is proactively pushing updates to customers and performing hardware checks regularly too. This is really important and gives a lot of peace of mind to the customers. So far my experience with REVA has been very pleasant. The people are very knowledgeable and it really looks like they take customer satisfaction seriously.

I spent Rs 540 to ferry myself all month in the comfort of a car and covered 890 km. I spent Rs 588 to ferry myself all month in the comfort of a car and covered 970 km. The first sticker says it all. Its an electric car that plugs in and uses domestic electricity instead of imported oil - NO MO OIL The second sticker talks bout the Lithium chemistry that makes this wonder happen. The Numbers - January 2014 Did not drive much this month as i had to go out of station for couple of weeks.

A Number of times, i charged outside my home: 0 Unexpected Low Charge and Unable to Reach Destination: None So there u have it guys. This was a slow month and the numbers showed The Numbers - February 2014 More than 6 months and EVA is going great. No servicing and maintenance issues so far. Just the other day, a Hyundai Verna guy scrapped past me. He was in a hurry. We stopped and he apologized. I saw a deep dent and a white scratch on the black Verna.

There was nothing on EVA. Am sure that guy spent close to 20k to repair the scratches. This again illustrates the superiority of plastic over metal for Indian city driving.

I also had to leave EVA for a few days as i had to go outside Pune. This was again slow month and the numbers showed. But still for all my purposes, the 'fuel' cost for me has been Rs 2480.

For all my purposes, the 'fuel' cost for me has been Rs 2768. I drove EVA to our ashram 35 km from Pune pay day loans in the mountains. I enjoyed the drive in the mountains. Need to do his more. For all my purposes, the 'fuel' cost for me has been Rs 3068. For all my purposes, the 'fuel' cost for me has been Rs 3434.

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